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Wedding Sarees Indian Bride

What to Wear for Your Engagement Ceremony?

We have some great wedding saree picks that would be suitable for a bride to wear to an Indian engagement ceremony.

Indian Engagement Ceremony

Engagement ceremony has different names in different parts of India. It is called Misri, Ring Ceremony, or even Ashirbad. In some of the parts of the country, the name is Mangni. Like all other pre-wedding ceremonies, the engagement emblematizes the matrimonial relationship that is sustained by religious faith and understanding. Indian matrimony mean much more than just presentation, engagements, gifts and fineries. This institution unifies two different families and two different souls. Engagement Ceremony is just the beginning of the one of the important Ceremonies in India.

The Engagement Ceremony is one of the most important pre wedding ceremonies in the Indian society. This event marks the beginning of the wedding ceremonies. An Engagement Ceremony is generally held few months before the wedding ceremony. In different regions of the country, it is known by different names in different regions like misri, Ashirbad, mangni or ring ceremony. In case of an Ashirbad, it is held just a few hours before the wedding time or "lagna".

During the engagement ceremony, the family members, relatives and friends of both the would-be bride and the groom come face to face. The bride as well as the groom are gifted with various items like jewellery and clothes from each other's family. Besides that, they also receive gifts from the other guests. Usually the family of the bride bears the expenses of the ceremony. The groom's side receives gifts from the family and relatives of the bride for the important family members, like the mother father, brother and sister of the groom.

The significant ritual of the Engagement Ceremony is when the would-be bride and the groom come close and exchange their rings. These rings are particularly chosen according to the choice of the bride and the groom and are made of precious metal like gold or else platinum. After exchanging the rings, the elders of both the families bless the would-be bride and groom and offer them sweets and gifts. In many communities, the would-be bride and groom are supposed to exchange garlands after the exchange of rings. After the rings have been exchanged, all the relatives and friends come and attend the dinner party. In many a cases, the propitious date of marriage is also fixed by a 'pandit' on the day of the Engagement Ceremony. Read more:
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Wedding Sarees for Indian Engagement Ceremony

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