Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wedding Beauty Tips | Importance of Sleep for Radiant Skin

Losing Sleep?

You are busy planning for your wedding. The days are fast approaching and you are feeling rushed. So much to do and so little time! Most brides describe the weeks and days leading up to the wedding day as being one of the more stressful times they had experienced in their lives. No doubt getting everything perfect for your wedding day is an ideal objective.

But in keep in mind that even the most well-planned of events will face some hitches. The important thing is not to lose sleep. Why?

Well, simply because the term "beauty sleep" has its merits.


Sleep is the most overlooked luxury one enjoys on a daily basis. And we don't think about it, until we start losing it. Without adequate rest, the brain's ability to function is diminished. The lack of sleep will show its ugly effect on your most obvious feature - your face! The lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes, or dark circles around your eyes. Your skin will also take on a sallow look. While not sleeping well for a few days might make you irritable and slow, prolonged lack of sleep will inevitably lead to serious ailments like depression, heart disease and hypertension. There is no immediate remedy to all of these negative effects to losing sleep, so getting adequate rest in the weeks and days before your wedding is critical to looking your best on the big day.

Natural Remedies to Help You Sleep Well

Saying no to unhealthy habits and keeping a healthy daily routine are basic steps you can adopt. Try to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, avoid eating a few hours before bed but make sure you are not hungry, or you will awake in the night. Cutting down on your nicotine and caffeine intake will help you switch off quickly as soon as you are ready to sleep.

Your sleeping environment plays an important role in your relationship with your bed. Keep your bedroom cool and quiet. If needed, buy heavy curtains to block out sound and light from the windows. Dump that t-shirt for a set of satin or silk pajamas. The feel of smooth satin and silk is much better than cotton.

Drinking herbal teas before sleep-time can also help relax your body. Light up scented oils (the scent of lavender for instance has been shown to be effective for sleep) or listen to relaxing tunes.

Also, you can use vitamins and supplements to aid sleep. A calcium and magnesium combination taken with food has been shown to aid sleep. A deficiency of both can cause restlessness and wakefulness as with vitamins such as b5, b6 and b12, and folic acid, all of which help promote restful sleep.

These vitamins also have other beneficial properties, such as keeping your skin radiant.

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