Friday, September 12, 2008

Designer Wedding Dupatta for Brides

The dupatta is a long scarf or veil that is an essential component to South Asian women's tunic and pant suits, that is, the salwar kameez. The dupatta is also worn over South Asian outfits of lehenga or ghaghra-choli, a short blouse and full skirt outfit.

The other names for dupatta are chunri, chunni and orna [mainly in Bangladesh](sometimes shortened to 'unni' by many Gujaratis).

Traditionally, South Asian (Indian) women wear the duppata to protect their modesty. It is traditionally worn across both shoulders covering the top half of the body. However, the dupatta can also be worn like a cape around the entire torso.

In today's fashion trends, the dupatta is frequently draped over one shoulder, and even over just the arms.

On their wedding day, the Indian bride typically covers her head with a dupatta.

The material for the wedding dupatta varies according to the type of outfit worn: cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon, and more. You will find a beautiful range of preferred wedding colours in the red tones such as maroon, burgundy, peach, wine, red , vermillion, scarlet and pink in the wedding dupatta designs. However, many brides are moving to non-traditional colours for their wedding outfits, so you will find other lush colours as well, such as royal purple, or vibrant blue.

Designer Wedding Dupatta for Brides

Fine Silk Dupatta with Heavy Embroidery in Stiff Gold Thread
Photo By Celeste33

Vibrant Blue Chiffon Light Dupatta
Photo By Ztwinn

Blue Chiffon Light Dupatta
Photo By Celeste33

Royal Purple Heavy Dupatta With Gold and Blue Threaded Embroidery
Photo By Rohtas

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Can you please tell me if the photographer (ztwinn) gave you permission to use this photograph?

I am the bride in this photo, and I was unaware that this photo was being used thus. I had given the photographer permission ONLY for use for their portfolio, and all other uses require written permission from me.

I would appreciate your assistance since I do not want to contact the photographer unless I am certain that they violated the terms of the copyright.

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