Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to Get Your Man To Propose to You

We all know about a certain segment of the male species that are afraid to take on the all-important step in their romantic relationships towards marriage. For our Indian readers, the 2006 Bollywood movie, Pyar Ke Side Effects, tells the story of one Indian man's issues with fear of commitment and how he eventually resolved it. In his case, it took a break-up of his relationship for him to finally realise what he was missing out on. As Bollywood movies, go this one of course had a happy ending!

Now back to reality. A man can be in love with his girlfriend, but still not be willing to take the ultimate step of proposing marriage to her. There are multiple reasons why this can be so - of course, fear of commitment, fear of being perceived as old, unwillingness to give up freedoms of a single man, does not want to take responsibility and so on. Then again, there are those men that need a gentle nudging to do the right thing. If you (a woman) are in a relationship, and your man has not proposed yet, here are some ideas that will help get him to do so - so you don't have to resort to force as in the picture on the right suggests, hehe!

1. Start leaving hints about your readiness for marriage. You can start by talking about weddings of your friends, and about how happy your friends are. You can mention that you think they are embarking on a new and special chapter in their lives. He can read between the lines.

2. You may be ready for marriage, but do not assume that he is. After the initial stage where you start talking about other people's weddings and marriages, you can now begin to talk to him about the direction where your relationship is headed. But don't push for an answer immediately. Give him some time to warm up to the idea. Create visions for him about how the future will be when the two of you are married. If he can visualize a happy future, he will be more open to the idea of proposing to you.

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3. Introduce him to your family - by doing so, you are indicating to him that he is someone special, and that you are ready to include him in your family and loved ones.

4. While you are doing all of the above, be careful not to become obessive. Harping on the same topic day after day is not healthy for you, and it will also scare him off. No one wants an obessive, needy woman clinging on to them.

5. If the above fails and you get no response from him, then ask him outright if he thinks of you as the kind of girl he could marry someday. If he says no, then you will know that he is not the one for you, and that you should stop wasting your time and find another guy who is ready to settle down with you.

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