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Wedding Proposal Story: R and F

We thought it would be a sweet idea to relate some of the wedding proposal stories we have come across between the four of us girlfriends. These stories are ones we have heard first-hand from our friends, family and will also include stories we have heard through friends or friends and extended family members. The idea is to provide an online space where unique wedding proposal ideas are collected. By doing so, we hope these stories will inspire men (or women) about to propose marriage to their loved ones. Please feel free to email us your own wedding proposal story, and we will be happy to include it up on this site!

Our first story takes place on the East coast of USA. R, an ethnic Indian girl, was about to turn 30, and she had been dating a European guy, F, for nearly two years. F was also 30, and he had come to the US to work as an engineer for a big software firm. They had not talked much about the direction or future of their relationship. R was in no hurry to get married, and so she did not feel it was necessary to talk about the future. All she knew was that she was happy being with F, even though he was not an Indian. The differences did not seem to matter because they had so many similarities - they both loved to travel to unique destinations far away from the typical touristy spots, they enjoy cooking together at home, they were both Catholics, and many other things that essentially mattered more to both than their respective cultures.

After two blissful years together, F was told that his services were no longer required at the company that he worked at. He searched for other jobs, but he found that the market was not that good - it was a recession. It came about that he realised that he would have to return to Europe, as his work visa was no longer valid. R and F were in a confused state. R was sad that he would be leaving, she knew that it almost certainly meant the end of their two year relationship. And since they had not previously discussed the future of their relationship, R did not feel it right to impose on F conditions. If it was to end, she thought, then let it be so.

A few weeks before F's scheduled return to Europe, the couple went out for dinner. They were mostly silent during the dinner. R was silent because she felt that F was about to tell her that the relationship was coming to an end because of his move back to Europe. Then after they had eaten, F started talking. This was what R had dreaded. She tried to avoid talking about the "relationshiP", but F continued. He said that he had a great time with her, and that he loved her. And before, she realised it, F had asked her to marry her. He said that he never realised how much he felt about R until he began to envision a life without her. F got down on his knees and produced a rubber band. He said he did not have the time, nor the money to get her the ring she deserved, but that he hoped the rubber band ring signified his seriousness. R was deeply moved - she had thought it was an end, but in fact it was the beginning of something new. And she accepted, of course!

F returned to Europe, secure with the knowledge that R would wait for him. Months later, R replaced her rubber band ring for a beautiful engagement ring, when F returned to the US with a new job. Now they are happily married with two young children. It just goes to show that with love anything is possible - lack of job, lack of money can be overcomed!


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That's a cute story. Rubber band ring :)

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