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Common Pre-Wedding Mistakes To Avoid

On your wedding day, you supposed to be Queen! You do not want to be harrassed, perturbed, or be anxious about anything going wrong on your wedding day. Your main aim is to relax, enjoy being Queen for the day with your King (the groom) and create happy memories.

So the less stress you feel on your wedding day, the more memorable it'll be. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the following possible pre-wedding mistakes that brides make when planning their big day.

Avoid these potential problems that could arise from lack of foresight, and which could threaten to ruin your happy day!

Common Mistakes

1. Budget not prioritized in order of most important to least important items. The banquet is over, and now the party begins. If the majority of your reception time will be spent listening to music and dancing, it makes sense to allocate a proportionate amount of your budget to the vendor responsible for your entertainment. Whether it is a band or a DJ, the key idea here is quality.

2. Lack of communication with your vendors. Have a thorough conversation with all of your vendors, and let them know exactly what you expect. Do not assume that because they are professionals with years of experience, they automatically know what you want. Each bride's vision is different. Vendors want to avoid disappointing you, so share the details of your dream with them from the beginning.

3. Lack of communication with bridal party on your needs and expectations. Let each person in your bridal party know, prior to your wedding day, where they are supposed to be and when. Important moments at your reception can't be rehearsed, so prepare a timetable for your bridal party that includes the grand entrance, speeches and toasts, bridal dances and any planned photo opportunities. If possible appoint someone in your bridal party to help oversee that things get done accordingly.

4. Waiting until the last minute. Finish everything on your checklist at least two days before your wedding. You do not want to be scribbling place cards at 2 a.m. on your wedding day. Give yourself and your groom a task-free day or two before the wedding to relax and rejuvenate.

5. Having too much to drink early in the day or the night before. Not only is it a good idea to avoid alcohol until the final party hours, it's best to stay hydrated by drinking water or other non-alcoholic beverages. If you can't resist a good nip, be sure to eat something.

6. Spending too much time taking pictures. There are the photographs of special moments you must have, pictures of spontaneous moments that are fun to have, and staged photos that become a nuisance. Don't be afraid to say NO to your photographer when you've had enough. If possible, have your staged photos finished prior to the wedding day to minimize photo-taking on the day itself. You can have candid, relaxed shots of the day itself, which are great in itself.

7. Losing your perspective. Keep your mind on what the day is about, and on the things and people that are really important to you. Don't get bogged down in so many details that you forget to have FUN! If something goes wrong, try your best to take deep breaths and think about the big picture. Don't let the little things that might go wrong ruin your night. Keep your sense of humor.

8. Getting stressed or overwhelmed. Eat! Talk! Dance! Have Fun! Keep things simple. After you'veve greeted your guests, let them find you if they wish to visit.

9. Not planning an exit strategy. Assign end-of-the-night tasks to others you trust, so you can leave unburdened. Final duties might include gathering gifts and transporting them home, paying for the wedding hall, and removing decorations -- including flowers, centerpieces and other wedding notions.

10. Immediately leaving on your honeymoon. Try not to plan a 6 a.m. departure the day after your wedding. Give yourselves a day or two to recuperate and get your things together. There is no big hurry!


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